Library School Liaison Committee

The Library School Liaison Committee is pleased to administer two annual programs to benefit students enrolled in library programs in Southern California:

Grants Committee

The Grants Committee is pleased to distribute grants to support members who wish to attend the SCALL Institute or the AALL Annual Meeting.

Inner City Youth Internship Program

In addition, the  Inner City Youth Internship Program offers employment opportunities to qualified inner city high school students.

Volunteer for SCALL

The success of SCALL is dependent on the voluntary efforts of the members. By joining a committee, you have the opportunity to interact with your colleagues, make a contribution to your professional association and see the results of your efforts. A wide range of opportunities are available.  See where you can contribute.

                                        The SCALL mentoring program for library students:

PURPOSE:  The purpose of the Southern California Association of Law Libraries’ (SCALL) Mentorship program is to match students to mentors who are professionals working in law-related libraries and organizations.  Our mentors come from a variety of different backgrounds, e.g. academic law libraries, public/county law libraries, government agencies, and private law firms. The mentor program is designed to give you a contact person who can answer your questions and offer advice about the profession.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Mentees must be currently enrolled graduate students in either the UCLA Department of Information Studies or a distance library school program, AND must live full-time in Southern California to be eligible to participate.

REQUIREMENTS:  If you are interested in learning more about law librarianship and would like to be assigned a mentor, please keep an eye out for our email to the SCALL, UCLA, and SJSU listservs sent in early October, with instructions on how to sign up for a SCALL mentor.

DEADLINE: Mentor-Mentee matches are typically made at the end of October.  Please look for our email to the SCALL, UCLA, and SJSU listservs in early October, with further details on the deadline.

For more information about law librarianship, visit the American Association of Law Libraries website at

                                        The SCALL scholarship:

PURPOSE:  The purpose of the Southern California Association of Law Libraries’ (SCALL) Scholarship is to reward current library school students who hold promise of future involvement in the law library profession.  The number of awards granted and amount of each award varies depending on current funding of the scholarship committee.

QUALIFICATIONS:  The applicant must:

  1. Demonstrate a sincere interest in law librarianship.
  2. Live in Southern California* and be a currently enrolled graduate student in either the UCLA Department of Information Studies or a distance library school program. (* The geographical boundaries of SCALL are generally understood to extend from the northern boundary of San Luis Obispo County to the Mexican Border and to reach as far east as the California/Nevada/Arizona boundary. Scholarship applicants must live within these boundaries to be eligible for consideration.).
  3. Please note that applicants who have received a SCALL scholarship in the past will not get top priority if they apply again.

REQUIREMENTS:  Along with an application form, the applicant must submit:

  1. Two letters of recommendation from an instructor or employer that comment upon the applicant’s potential for contribution to the field of law librarianship;
  2. A short essay in which the applicant describes his/her interest in law librarianship and how s/he hopes to contribute to the profession; and
  3. A resume indicating educational background and employment history.

DEADLINE: Applications and supporting materials must be received by Friday, March 16, 2018. Applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision within 3 weeks of the above due date.

                     Grants Committee

PURPOSE:  The purpose of the Southern California Association of Law Libraries’ (SCALL) Grants program is to support members who wish to attend the SCALL Institute or the AALL Annual Meeting and have a demonstrated financial need. Grants allow members to continue their professional development that is not otherwise supported by their employers.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Current SCALL Membership.

REQUIREMENTS:  To apply for a grant, complete the Grant Application. Please know that grant recipients are expected to write an article for the SCALL Newsletter related to their attendance at the SCALL Institute or AALL Annual Meeting.

DEADLINE: Grant Applications are typically due in late January/early February for the SCALL Institute, and in late March for the AALL Annual Meeting. Please look for an email to the SCALL listserv and announcement in the SCALL Newsletter with further details on deadlines. For more information, please contact Cindy Guyer.

                                        Inner City Youth Internship Program

Mission Statement

SCALL established the Inner City Youth Internship Program in 1992. Our mission is to offer employment opportunities to qualified inner city high school students in private, public and academic libraries as well as other related institutions. Our program intends that by participating in these work environments, our interns will gain more familiarity with the profession of law as well as useful work experience. We want to further these students’ career aspirations and to encourage them to achieve all that they can.

Program Description

SCALL members volunteer their talents to the Inner City Youth Internship Project (ICYIP) by completing the SCALL Committee Form. Members of the ICYIP serve for a one year term.


Members recruit junior and senior high school students to work in law libraries or legal organizations by coordinating a paid internship program. Members recruit law librarians to hire students to work during the summer for 200 hours part-time or 400 hours full-time.


  1. Coordinate with high school counselors to recruit junior or senior student applicants.
  2. Recruit law firms and public organizations to serve as employers for an eight to ten week internship period.
  3. Organize relevant programs such as: professional development seminars, database training and library tours before placing student in summer jobs.
  4. Handle procedural questions from host sites and interns during internship.
  5. Coordinate the mentoring program
  6. Work with Community Partners to administer payroll checks, etc.
  7. Compile information from evaluation forms that both intern & employers complete.
  8. Organize social events during internship.
  9. Maintain a binder containing forms, samples of correspondence and pictures documenting each internship period.
  10. Interact with the Community Partners representative and write periodic reports.
  11. Interact with the SCALL Executive Committee and write annual report.


With Los Angeles Education Partnership

Diana Jaque (213)740-2632