Executive Board

Ramon Barajas
Alston & Bird
Phone: (213) 576-1092
Email: Ramon.Barajas@alston.com

Vice President
Judy K. Davis
USC Law School
Phone: (213) 740-2189
Email: jkdavis@law.usc.edu

Caitlin Hunter
Loyola Law School
Phone: (213) 736-1132
Email: caitlin.hunter@lls.edu

Amber Kennedy Madole
Loyola Law School
Phone: (213) 736-8389
Email: amber.madole@lls.edu

Immediate Past President
Stefanie Frame
Foley & Lardner LLP
Phone: (213) 972-4657
Email: sframe@foley.com

Board Member
Erik Y. Adams
Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton
Phone:  (213) 617-5429
Email: eadams@sheppardmullin.com

Board Member
Margaret F. Hall
Southwestern Law School
Phone: 213-738-6851
Email: mhall@swlaw.edu

Committee Chairs

2017-2018 SCALL Committee Chairs


Committee Chair(s) Board Liaison
Archives Christine Langteau
Los Angeles County Law Library
Phone:  (213) 785-2542
E-mail:  Christine Langteau
Margaret Hall
Awards Jennifer Berman
McDermott Will & Emery LLP
Phone: (310) 551-9360
Email:  Jennifer Berman
Erik Adams
Budget & Finance Jessica Wimer
UC Irvine Law Library
Phone: (949) 824-7293
Email: Jessica Wimer
Caitlin Hunter
Bylaws Amy Atchison
UCI Law Library
Phone:  (949) 824-3203
E-mail: Amy Atchison
Stefanie Frame
Government Relations David McFadden
Southwestern Law School Library
Phone: (213) 738-6726
E-mail:   David McFadden
Caitlin Hunter
Grants Cynthia Guyer
USC Law Library
Phone (213)740-2621
Email: Cynthia Guyer
Caitlin Hunter
Information Technology Suzie Shatarevyan (Web and Listserv)
Loyola Law School Library
Phone: (213) 736-1147
E-mail: Suzie Shatarevyan
Amber Kennedy Madole
Innercity Youth Diana Jaque
USC Law Library
Phone: (213) 740-6482
E-mail: Diana Jaque
Erik Adams
Institute Judy Davis
USC Law School
Phone: (213) 740-2189
Email:   Judy K. Davis 
Judy Davis
Institute Advisory Jennifer Berman
McDermott Will & Emery LLP
Phone: (310) 551-9360
Email:  Jennifer Berman
Stefanie Frame
Library School Liaison Stephanie Anayah
UCLA Law Library
Phone: (310) 206-4860
E-mail: Stephanie Anayah
Amber Kennedy Madole
Membership Judy K. Davis, Co-Chair
USC Law Library
Phone:  (213) 740-2189
E-Mail: Judy K. Davis

Karen Skinner, Co-Chair
USC Law Library
Phone: (213) 740-2615
Email: Karen Skinner

Margaret Hall
Newsletter Jessica Wimer
UC Irvine School of Law Library
Phone: (949) 824-7293
Email: Jessica Wimer

Judy Davis
USC Law Library
Phone:  (213) 740-2189
E-Mail: Judy K. Davis

Christina Tsou
UC Irvine School of Law Library
Phone: (949) 824-1430
Email: Christina Tsou

Margaret Hall
Nominations Cornell Winston
United States Attorney's Office
Phone: (213) 894-2419
E-Mail: Cornell Winston
Stefanie Frame
Placement Tiffani Willis
Loyola Law School Library
Phone: (213) 736-1413
Email: Tiffani Willis
Amber Kennedy Madole
Professional Development Mark Gediman, Co-Chair
Best Best & Krieger LLP
Phone: (951) 826-8230
Email: Mark Gediman

Jennifer Berman, Co-Chair
McDermott Will & Emery LLP
Phone: (310) 551-9360
Email: jberman@mwe.com

Stefanie Frame
Programs Elyse Meyers, Co-Chair
UCLA Law Library
Phone: (310) 794-5415
Email: Elyse Meyers

Sarah Joshi, Co-Chair
Continuing Education of the Bar
Phone: (800) 988-4340
Email: Sarah Joshi

Erik Adams
Public Access to Legal Information Elizabeth Caulfield
Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District
Phone: (213) 830-7242
Email: Elizabeth Caulfield
Ramon Barajas
Public Relations Bret N. Christensen
Riverside County Law Library
Phone: (951) 368-0379
Email: Bret Christensen
Ramon Barajas
Relations With Vendors Lawrence R. Meyer
San Bernardino County Law Library
Phone: (909) 885-4349
Email: Larry Meyer
Ramon Barajas
Union List Vacant

Past Presidents
1953-1954 Charles Armstrong Los Angeles County Law Library
1954-1955 Frances Holbrook University of California Los Angeles
1955-1956 Riley Paul Burton University of Southern California
1956-1957 Robert Lewis O'Melveny & Myers
1957-1958 Charles Armstrong Los Angeles County Law Library
1958-1959 George Smith Richfield Oil Corporation Law Library
1959-1960 Muriel Merrell U.S. Attorneys Office Library
1960-1961 William Stem Los Angeles County Law Library
1961-1962 William Stem Los Angeles County Law Library
1962-1963 Dorothy Heizer Los Angeles County Law Library
1963-1964 Robert Faris University of California Los Angeles
1964-1965 Phillip Wesley Los Angeles County Law Library
1965-1966 Helen Carey University of California Los Angeles
1966-1967 Bertha White Los Angeles County Law Library
1967-1968 Bertha White Los Angeles County Law Library
1968-1969 Stanley Pearce O'Melveny & Myers
1969-1970 Helen Alexander Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp
1970-1971 Logan Fulrath Los Angeles County Law Library
1971-1972 Irwin Manley Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher
1972-1973 Bertha Dorsey Southwestern University Law Library
1973-1974 Marie Wallace Kindel & Anderson
1974-1975 Pamela Hall Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher
1975-1976 Albert Brecht University of Southern California
1976-1977 Frederica Sedgwick Loyola Law Library
1977-1978 Earl Borgeson Los Angeles County Law Library
1978-1979 Mary Anne Donaldson Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp
1979-1980 James Werner San Diego County Law Library
1980-1981 Alan Holoch University of Southern California
1981-1982 Frank Houdek Lawler, Feliz & Hall
1982-1983 Randall J. Gray Adams, Duque & Hazeltine
1983-1984 Florence Draper San Diego County Law Library
1984-1985 Nancy J. Kitchen Pepperdine University Law Library
1985-1986 Earl Weisbaum Los Angeles County Law Library
1986-1987 Maryruth Storer O'Melveny & Myers
1987-1988 Kathleen Pecarovich University of California Los Angeles
1988-1989 Denny Haythorn Whittier College School of Law
1989-1990 Judith Runyon Litton Industries
1990-1991 Leonette M. Williams University of Southern California
1991-1992 Jan E. Goldsmith University of California Los Angeles
1992-1993 Aleta Benjamin O'Melveny & Myers
1993-1994 Paul George University of Southern California
1994-1995 Robin Mayper Cummins & White
1995-1996 Hal Brown Morgan, Lewis & Bockius
1996-1997 Daniel Martin Pepperdine University Law Library
1997-1998 Laura Cadra Los Angeles County Law Library
1998-1999 David McFadden Southwestern University Law Library
1999-2000 Lawrence Meyer University of LaVerne Law Library
2000-2001 Anna Delgado Arter & Hadden
2001-2002 Lawrence Meyer University of LaVerne Law Library
2002-2003 Cornell H. Winston U.S. Attorney's Office Library
2003-2004 Diana C. Jaque University of Southern California
2004-2005 Jennifer Berman McDermott, Will & Emery
2005-2006 Pauline M. Aranas University of Southern California
2006-2007 Patrick Meyer Thomas Jefferson School of Law
2007-2008 James Senter Jones Day
2008-2009 Jessica Wimer University of Southern California
2009-2010 Brian Raphael University of Southern California
2010-2011 Hugh Treacy Whittier Law School
2011-2012 Mark Gediman Best Best & Krieger LLP
2012-2013 David Burch Loyola Law School, Los Angeles
2013-2014 Paul Moorman University of Southern California
2014-2015 Victoria Williamson Riverside County Law Library
2015-2016 Victoria Williamson Riverside County Law Library
2016-2017 Stefanie Frame Foley & Lardner LLP
Minutes and Reports
Brecht Lifetime Achievement Award

The Albert O. Brecht Lifetime Achievement Award

SCALL Executive Board established the Lifetime Achievement Award in June 2005 and first presented in 2005, this Award honors outstanding lifetime service to SCALL.  In 2012, the SCALL Board approved to rename this award the Albert O. Brecht Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his career long service to SCALL and to the law librarianship profession.

2005    Richard T. Iamele, Los Angeles County Law Library, and Charles R. Dyer, San Diego County Public Law Library
2006    none
2007    Kate Pecarovich
, UCLA School of Law, and Diane Reynolds, LA Law Library
2008    Jan Goldsmith, UCLA Library
2009    Hazel Lord, University of Southern California Gould School of Law
2010    Karla Castetter, Thomas Jefferson School of Law
2011    none
    Albert O. Brecht, University of Southern California Gould School of Law, posthumous
2013    J. Denny Haythorn, Whittier Law School, and Rhonda K. Lawrence, UCLA School of Law
2014    Aleta Benjamin,The Capitol Group Companies
2015    none
2016    none
2017    Ralph Stahlberg,
LA Law Library

Rohan Chapter Service Award Recipients

The Rohan Chapter Service Award

Established by the SCALL Executive Board in December 1981 and first presented in 1982, this Award honors outstanding service to the Chapter. The Award was named in honor of one of the most devoted and energetic members of SCALL, Bill Rohan, who was employed at the San Diego County Law Library, and who passed away in November of 1981. Past SCALL President Frank Houdek wrote, We can only hope that the memory of his energy, his devotion to serve and his perpetual good humor will spur present and future members to seek the level of achievement he so consistently reached.

1981    Florence Draper
For her achievements as Chair of the Committee on Public Access to Legal Information and for the workshop on legal resources for non-law librarians.

1982    Jill Mubarek
For her outstanding Job preparing the SCALL brochure distributed at the California State Bar meeting.

1983    Union List of Serials Committee
Klaus Musmann, Chair; Colleen Bushkirk, Rhonda Mittan, Stephanie Owaki, Kathleen Pecarovich, Deborah Schwarz,  C. C. Smith and Maryruth Storer.
For their near completion of the first edition of the SCALL Union List of Serials which was a massive project and was the most outstanding achievement during the past year.

1984    Nancy Young
For her editing of the new SCALL Handbook, Locating the Law: A Handbook for Non-Law Librarians and for chairing the Legal Information Workshop for non-law Librarians.

1985    Donald Davidson
For his work as coordinator of exhibits at the 1985 SCALL Institute and for chairing this year's Nominating Committee.

1986    Marie Wallace
For her outstanding and on-going contributions to SCALL

1987    Sue Taylor
For high standards of service to SCALL during the year as Treasurer and Executive Board member and in recognition of service in previous years.

1988    Newsletter Committee
Paul George and Evelyn Brandt
For the changes the Committee achieved in design and format of the SCALL Newsletter.

1989    Mary Barrie
For her service on the Consulting Committee and for enhancing the image of law librarians.

1990    Jill Sidford
For her role in the creation and guidance of the Ad Hoc Committee on Legal Research Supporting Pro Bono Organizations.

1991    Alan Holoch, Earl Weisbaum, James Werner
Unofficially awarded posthumously for recognition of their contributions to SCALL and librarianship.

1992    Lisa Baker
For initiating SCALLs Paraprofessional Training Workshops 1991—1992.

1993    The Inner City Youth Internship Committee
Eleanor Gonzales and Andres Victorin, Co-Chairs, Esfandiar Abbassi, Arlene Alfred, Pauline Aranas, Lisa Baker, Anna Delgado, Jan Goldsmith, Lillian Hernandez, Ruth Hill, Rose Pritchett., Diane Reynolds, Jill Sidford and Mignon Veasley.
For the members' work in organizing this internship program in support of inner city youth.

1994    Cindy Chick
For her work in setting up SCALLs Internet resources.

1995    Leonette Williams
For her work in compiling and publishing the first edition of the SCALL Policy and Procedure Handbook.

1996    Aleta Benjamin
For her extraordinary contributions to SCALL and AALL

1997    Larry Dershem
For his publications in furtherance of law librarianship.

1998    Charles Dyer
For his long standing contributions to SCALL, AALL and the San Diego legal community and for his many efforts on behalf of pro se individuals.

1999    Ralph P. Stahlberg
For his dedicated archival service to SCALL.

2000    David McFadden
For his dedicated service to SCALL, advocacy for open access to public documents, and involvement in making the Library of California a reality.

2001    Karla Castetter
For her contributions to SCALL as an active committee chair, and for her work with the Public Access to Legal Information Committee including the duties as the editor of SCALL’s Locating the Law Handbook 2d edition

2002    Albert Brecht
For his outstanding service and contributions to SCALL as an active member and a mentor to many newer law librarians.

2003    None

2004    AALL ALL SIS Academic Marketing Toolkit Bibliography Committee,
Pauline Afuso, Paul Howard, Diana Jaque, June Kim, Ruth Levor (Task Force Member), Tobe Liebert, Patrick Meyer, Jennifer S. Murray, Brian Raphael, Renee Rastorfer, Timothy Von Dulm, Leonette Williams (Bibliography Coordinator), John Wilson, George Wrenn.
For the members’ outstanding authorship of bibliographies and narratives for the Toolkit.

2005    None

2006    Larry Meyer
For his work on the SCALL By-Laws Committee, his 2006 revision of the SCALL Policies and Procedures Manual, and his two-terms as SCALL President.

2007    None

2008    Victoria Williamson
For her years as Newsletter editor plus her mentoring of new members.

2009    Jennifer Berman
For her work in securing sponsorships for the SCALL Institute for a numerous years.

2010    Collected editor and  authors of Locating the Law: A Handbook for Non-Law Librarians, 5th ed., June Kim, Joan Allen-Hart, Ruth Hill, Laura Cadra, Karla Castetter, Esther Eastman, Jennifer Lentz, David  McFadden, Patrick Meyer and Lisa Schultz.
For the editors’ and authors’ contributions to the revised 5th edition.

2011    Laura Cadra
For her many years of service on the SCALL Board.

2012    Kathy Way
For her many years of service to SCALL.

2013    None  

2014    Patricia Hart
For her work as the SCALL Newsletter editor, September/October 2009 to January/February 2014

2015    Jessica Wimer
For her many years of service on the SCALL Board.

2016   Suzie Shatarevyan
For her service as committee chair of the Information Technology committee and for being instrumental in creation of the SCALL website from start to finish.

2017    Diana Jaque
In recognition of her long-standing and exceptional service on the Institute Committee and SCALL.

Vendor Service Award Recipients

The Vendor Service Award

The Vendor Service Award was established in June 1997 to recognize a vendor or a representative who consistently and significantly contributes to SCALL or to the law library profession.

1998    James Rimonte, The Daily Journal Corporation
1999    Kathleen Smith, Advanced Information Management
2000    John Babigian, Metropolitan News Company
2001    None
2002    None
2003    Richard Spinelli, Williams S. Hein &: Co., Inc.
2004    None
2005    None
2006    Andrea Torres and Ray Chagolla, The Daily Journal Corporation
2007    Michael Saint-Onge and Julie Webster-Matthews, LexisNexis
2008    Tom Stallard, Legislative Intent Service. M
2009    Fastlaben Family, Looseleaf Filing Service, Inc.
2010    Carolina Rose, Legislative Research Inc.
2011    None
2012    Suzanne Smith, Continuing Education of the Bar • California (CEB)
2013    None
2014    Jan Raymond, Raymond Legislative Research
2015    Michael G. Bernier, Bloomberg BNA
2016    Sarah Joshi, Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB)
2017    Cindy Spohr, LexisNexis

SCALL Historical Chronology

SCALL Historical Chronology 1952 -2016

December 1952 - The first organizational meeting of the Southern California Association of Law Libraries (SCALL) is held at USC.  Fifteen people attended and Charles W Armstrong is chosen as President.

1953 - SCALL is welcomed as a chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) at the Annual Convention.

1960 - SCALL now has 43 active members.

April 1962 - SCALL holds a day-long Institute on Law Library Problems at the Los Angeles County Law Library with 53 people attending. Some of the topics covered are discarding materials, basic cataloging and interlibrary borrowing.

1966 - AALL holds its convention in Los Angeles and SCALL members assist by staffing the Hospitality Room and Information Desk and helping as guides on local tours.

November 1969 - Volume 1, no. 1 of the SCALL Newsletter is published. It is subtitled A Voice of Members of the Association.

April 1970 - The SCALL bylaws are amended to establish dues for members. They are set at $3.00.

December 1971 - William Stem is designated a Life Member of SCALL. He is the first person to be honored with this distinction.

October 1972 - The membership unanimously passes a motion to oppose Proposition 18 on the upcoming State ballot. The controversial measure, dealing with obscenity and censorship, is voted down by the electorate in November.

February 1973 - The First SCALL Annual Institute on California Law is held in San Diego. More than 100 people attend the one day program on Current California Law. Some topics covered are the publication of case law, the development of statutes and legislative revision.

May 1973 - On the Shelf appears as a column for SCALL in the Los Angeles Daily Journal. The first column discusses law libraries and prison law libraries.

1974 - The first SCALL Membership Directory was published. It lists 130 members by affiliation and individually.

June 1975 - The AALL Convention returns to Los Angeles and SCALL assists with local arrangements.

May 1977 - A workshop for Novice Private Librarians is held in Los Angeles and overseen by Marie Wallace. More than 50 people attend the program.

Summer 1977 - SCALL has its first summer event - a picnic at Rancho Park.

November 1977 – SCALL’s 25th anniversary dinner is held at Mark Twain's Notorious Jumping Frog Saloon and Restaurant in West Los Angeles. There is a program to commemorate the anniversary and also a presentation by Melville Nimmer on New Copyright Law.

October 1978 - SCALL has 205 members and ten committees: Archives, Arrangements, Audit and Budget, Constitutional Revision, Consulting, Grants, Education, Membership, Newsletter and Publicity, Placement and Program.

1981 - SCALL begins purchasing the AALL Convention workshop tapes. They are housed in the Archives and are available for members to check out.

October 1981 - SCALL presents a program at the Annual Meeting of the California State Bar Association. The topic is Easy Access to the New World of Computerized Information.

December 1981 - The Executive Board passes a resolution creating a Chapter Service Award. It is named the Rohan Chapter Service Award in honor of William Rohan, one of SCALL’s most devoted and energetic members.

1984 - Locating the Law: A Handbook for Non-Librarians is published by the Committee on Public Access to Legal Information. A second edition follows in 1989.

1987 - The 15th Annual Institute on California Law is held in Santa Monica and the topic is California Business Law.

1989 - SCALL establishes an ad-hoc Pro Bono Committee. The committee coordinates librarians to assist on pro bono projects. The committee is later designated a standing committee.

1990 - SCALL creates a Government Relations Committee to monitor federal, state and local legislative and judicial activity of interest to law librarians.

1992 – SCALL’s 40th year begins with over 400 active members, 21 standing committees and a new Ad Hoc Committee on Inner City Youth Internship as part of the Rebuild L.A. project that was created in response to the Los Angeles riots of 1992.

December 1992 - SCALL celebrates its 40th anniversary with a party at the Hotel Inter Continental in Los Angeles.

March 1993 – SCALL’s Paraprofessional Outreach Committee sponsors a one-day workshop entitled Legal Research: Putting It All Together. Forty registrants attend the program. The profits from the program are used to assist students in the California State University, Los Angeles library paraprofessional program.

Summer 1993 - The Inner City Youth Internship Committee places seven interns at law libraries throughout Los Angeles. Many organizations contribute to the success of the program by sponsoring events and donating funds for intern salaries.

1994 – SCALL’s Strategic Planning Committee issues a report on the recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Allocation of SCALL resources. The result is a draft strategic plan.

May 1994 - The SCALL-List on the internet goes into operation. SCALL information is posted on the list. SCALL also now has an Internet Committee.

January 1995 - The Executive Board adopts a Policy and Procedure Handbook edited by Leonette Williams. Its purpose is to serve as a guide for SCALL officers and committee chairs in interpreting and performing their duties and responsibilities.

September 1996 - Governor Pete Wilson signs Senate Bill 1507, a bill that makes legislative and administrative history materials more accessible to the public. SCALL and NOCALL are joint sponsors and work together to secure passage of the bill.

February 1997 - SCALL returns to San Diego for the 25th Annual SCALL Institute. The theme is Celebrating the Past, Looking Toward the Future and features speakers on changing technologies.

July 1997 - SCALL received an AALL certificate of Merit from Frank Houdek, AALL President, for exceptional achievement in drafting and then helping secure passage of California Senate Bill 1507 to ensure that legislative records and agency rulemaking files would be retained, made publicly available, and preserved.

Summer 1998 - SCALL inaugurates the Vendor Service Award and James Rimonte of the Los Angeles Daily Journal is the first recipient. AALL approves a new chapter, SANDALL, for the San Diego Area.

July 1998 - The AALL Convention is held in Anaheim and SCALL members assist with local arrangements.

February 1999 - First NOCALL and SCALL Joint Institute held in Monterey.

1999-2000 - The Inner City Youth Committee wins the Spirit of Law Librarianship Award. SCALL collaborates with Glasser Legal Works, Legal Tech L.A., and Information Today to offer benefits to members and other law librarians.

March 2002 - SCALL holds its 30th Annual Institute in Solvang.

December 2002 - SCALL celebrates its 50th Anniversary with a gala at USC's Town & Gown. AALL President Carol Avery Nicholson attends as well as AALL Past Presidents Albert Brecht and Frank Houdek.

March 2003 – Second Joint SCALL, NOCALL and now SANDALL Institute, held in San Luis Obispo.

April 2003 - SCALL takes part in honoring the Los Angeles County Law Library by co-hosting the library's 50th Anniversary party. Dr. Kevin Starr, California's State Librarian, provided the keynote address.

June 2003 - Changing with the times, the SCALL Newsletter moves to an exclusively online format. The newsletter is now available in color with active links to relevant information.

July 2003 - SCALL is presented with an AALL Presidential Certificate of Merit from AALL President Carol Avery Nicholson. The certificate praises SCALL "for launching the Chapter Challenge in support of the George Strait Minority Scholarship Endowment and for enduring support of AALL and the profession through the Inner City Youth Program.

June 2005 - SCALL establishes the Lifetime Achievement Award and Charles Dyer, San Diego County Public Law Library, and Richard Iamele, Los Angeles County Law Library, are the first recipients.

2006 – The Executive Board approves a new revision of the SCALL Policies and Procedures Handbook.

March 2006 – Third Joint SCALL, NOCALL and SANDALL Institute, held in Sacramento.

March 2007 – SCALL holds its 35th Annual Institute in San Diego.

2008 – The Inner City Youth Committee establishes a new partnership with Urban Education Partnership.

September 2008 – SCALL adopts a new logo.

March 2012 – Fourth Joint SCALL, NOCALL and SANDALL Institute, held in San Diego.

May 2012 – SCALL renames its Lifetime Achievement Award the Albert O. Brecht Lifetime Achievement Award and awards it to Albert O. Brecht posthumously.

2013 – SCALL creates a Professional Development Committee to offer additional programming opportunities for members.

May 2014 – SCALL adopts online voting.

2015 – SCALL creates an Institute Advisory Committee to provide guidance and support to the Vice President.