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Locating The Law

Locating the Law, 5th edition, revised (2011)


The Public Access to Legal Information (PALI) Committee is pleased to present the revised 5th edition of Locating the Law. We’ve updated links, added titles to Chapter 10: Bibliography of Self-Help Resources and moved the List of Common Abbreviations in the Law from the end of Chapter 2: How to Read a Legal Citation to Appendix B.

We will endeavor, with your help, to keep this edition as up-to-date as possible. Readers with questions, comments and suggestions for revisions are welcome to contact the PALI Committee Chair, Elizabeth Caulfield.

NOTE: This publication is available online only. Individuals and libraries are encouraged to download or print as many copies as needed (please note the Creative Commons license information below).

Public Access to Legal Information (PALI) Committee:

Chair: Elizabeth Caulfield

Members: Laura Cadra, Esther Eastman, Janine Liebert, David McFadden, Kara Noel, and Robert Rodriguez

Locating the Law: A Handbook for Non-Law Librarians by Southern California Association of Law Libraries is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

Locating The Law, 5th Edition

All files require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • Cover
  • Forward (2009) by Ruth Hill
  • Preface by June Kim
  • Acknowledgments (2009) by June Kim
  • Chapter 1: Introduction by Karla Castetter
  • Chapter 2: How to Read a Legal Citation by David McFadden
  • Chapter 3: Basic Legal Research Techniques by Joan Allen-Hart
  • Chapter 4: Legal Reference vs. Legal Advice by Joan Allen-Hart
  • Chapter 5: California Law by Laura A. Cadra
  • Chapter 6: Bibliography of California Resources by Patrick Meyer
  • Chapter 7: Federal Law by Karla Castetter
  • Chapter 8: Bibliography of Federal Law Resources by June Kim
  • Chapter 9: Assisting Self-Represented Litigants by Laura A. Cadra & June Kim
  • Chapter 10: Bibliography of Self-Help Resources by Lisa Schultz
  • Chapter 11: Availability, Accessibility and Maintenance of Legal Collections by Joan Allen-Hart
  • Chapter 12: Major Law Publishers by Jennifer Lentz


    • Appendix A: Glossary of Legal Terms by June Kim
    • Appendix B: Common Abbreviations in the Law by David McFadden
    • Appendix C: California County Law Libraries by Esther Eastman
    • Appendix D: California Law Schools by Karla Castetter

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